Nepal, here I come

Good day guys, hope all is well.

From the title above I’m sure you’ve worked out what this blog might be about. I’m excited to announce that, I will be heading to Nepal for three months to work with a charity called VSO (voluntary services overseas)

So what is VSO and why am I going to Nepal. Very simply – they are an international aid organisation, though instead of sending cash or clothes to developing countries in need, they send people …. like me! Experienced professionals who work with organisations to share skills and develop their capacity.
My purpose for volunteering is to continue my work of positively affecting and touching lives worldwide. I decided years ago to dedicate my life to positively impact and inspire people by any means necessary. I don’t want to live for the sake of living but I want my life to have meaning. I want the life I live to touch so many lives that even if I was to die today , the world would be a better place because I lived. Not only did I live but I made a difference.

I will be staying in a rural village in Baglung, so I will be experiencing first hand the challenges and difficulties the Nepalese people face on a day to day basis. I believe this new life style will challenge me for the better and I know on my return home to the UK(by the grace of God) I will have a different perspective about life on a whole.

Part of my requirements for the charity was to raise money, to support the work VSO is doing. I must admit the fundraising journey was a challenging one. Nevertheless I raised the funds and I conquered.

Here is a list of things I have learned whilst preparing myself.

1. Your biggest supporter is yourself

Everything you do in your life , you have to be your very own Number one fan. If you choose to wait for people to support you, you might wait for a life time.

2. Strangers are more likely to support you than your friends and family



You would think that your nearest and dearest would be the main people supporting you and pushing you towards your dreams but that is not always the case. I feel the problem in most cases is familiarity. The people who know you personally are so stuck in the reality of who you are in the present and who you were in the past to even fathom who you can be in the future. Strangers can only see your potential because they have nothing else to go on, thus we find more support in strangers than the people closest to us. Some people have a major issue with seeing people progress, they would rather see you fall than rise above them. Nevertheless we have to choose carefully who to trust and surround ourselves with. Over the years I have learnt that not everyone who smiles with you, is really for you. Only give the necessary information required but never reveal all your plans, because you can never know peoples true motives.

3.Your moments of need reveal your true friends.

Everything has a beginning and an end, just do your part.

As stated above I had to raise money to support the work VSO is doing and I spent so much time thinking how I would raise the money. Would people give, would I be able to reach my fundraising target on time. These were some of the questions that went through my mind. As weeks went by I had to stop thinking of the “how’s and when” things would happen. Instead of thinking I started acting and slowly things fell into place. I developed new ideas and skills of fundraising and gradually I reached my target.

I want to encourage those of us with dreams. Though your dreams may look impossible at this present moment , I want you to know and believe that everything is possible.  You may not see the “how’s and when ” things  will happen but the key is to make an attempt to start. Things will fall in places, when we take steps of faith. My faith in God allows me to believe that there is nothing too hard for God and  the impossible can be made possible if only I believe. You have to sell your dreams to yourself first before anyone else will buy them. If you doubt yourself, don’t expect others to believe in you. Which brings me to my next point .

5.You have to believe in you, even when others don’t .

6. Be careful who you seek advise from

As I mentioned above, not everyone will believe in you or your dreams, so choose carefully who you share deepest plans with. It’s not everyone you should seek advise from. Some people will use their fear of in capabilities to stop others from pursuing their dreams. Some are even too afraid to dream. Peoples opinions do matter(Depending on who it is)  but they shouldn’t stop you from accomplishing that your heart desires.

My biggest adviser is the bible and praying, with these two combined I seem to get the answers I need. Only after I read the bible and pray will I then talk to people about my concerns.

My life is a learning process and I am more than open to learning the lessons in each journey and season I embark on. I look forward to seeing what life has in store for me in Nepal. I can’t guarantee to be blogging whilst out there, but I will definitely have something to share on my return.

Love always







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