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Happy New Year



Dear 2016,

I have waited for you and I am grateful to be alive to have an encounter with you.

I don’t know what you have in store for me, but I am beyond hopeful and excited to watch my life unfold. I believe you are going to be a great year for me and my loved ones, because
1. God is on my side, and whatever he starts he surely completes.

2. I have faith and I am willing to give myself permission to be the best version of me that’s ever lived, both in love, faith and prosperity. Also, I love even numbers and I can’t help but feel something great and special is coming my way.

I ask for boldness to seize each moment that comes my way. Help me to overcome laziness and procrastination. I pray in this wonderful year of 2016,that my life will be a blessing onto many and I will speak life and hope will be restored. Help me to continue to serve humanity and give myself to serve the world in a way that helps the world become a better place.

Help me to be more patient and trust the process of time.Let my grace be guarded, because I know not everyone is supposed to be on this journey with me.

As challenges arise, which they will do, I ask for more faith, wisdom, knowledge and patience to endure whatever comes my way. By December 2016, I shall look back and reflect on everything I am going to achieve, and I declare from now , that every decision I make will produce fruit and it shall be worth it. (In Jesus name….Amen)

So for now Happy 2016

Love Christine H.I.L.L