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Today she stood face to face with her  dreams and wondered why it cannot be her.

She questioned herself and asked why,

why can’t  she achieve her dreams? Why  can’t  she be successful and have the  life she has always  longed for? Why  can’t she be  the woman she dreams and aspires to be? The why’s just kept getting  longer.

As she sat in silence, expecting the answers to flow from her core, to her expectation there was no response. She waited for reasons and excuses to flow one after the other, but still no response. Could it be because of  the  fear she wondered. Or is it the colour of my skin. Could it be my size and height.Could it be because I was not born in a wealthy home, she thought. Or is it my lack of connection. Maybe it’s my background and upbringing  or maybe its just me.

No amounts of ‘Could it be’ could answer her questions, instead she had to look within. She sat in silence for what felt like forever and finally a voice from the wind whispered , “You are more than enough” She thought she was imagining things, but this  time the voice came from her core, the same core she had anticipated   the answers to flow from.

“You are more than enough……” She looked around  to see where the voice was coming from and no one was there. “You are more than  enough and you have always been enough” . It was that very moment that she realised that her inner soul was speaking directly to her. Not only was it speaking today but it has always been speaking to her, but she had failed to respond to the voice.

She had always been enough and this same voice had always been there, but she had refused to pay attention to it. Instead, it was easy to believe the negativity and thoughts of fear that consumed her mind.She already had the answers to the questions she was asking, but all along she had ignored the truth that was always with her.

She was more than enough to be the woman , she was created to be.

Strong and beautiful enough to love and be loved. Fearfully and wonderfully made and if she only choose to believe in herself there is no limits to what she can do and be.

The truth is,the only person who could limit her is herself.And as long as every ounce within her believes  she is enough, nothing or no one will stop her from accomplishing her dreams.

She is enough. Always  has been, always will be. If she  can  recognise who she is and not allow  her circumstances to define her, she will accomplish every dream.

For she is more than  enough.

Love and blessings

Christine Hill



I desire and I deserve a special type of love
Not something out of a movie, because even movies come to an end
Something so authentically created that surely it’s only death that we shall part

A love that is so uniquely bound, that even heaven celebrates the day we set eyes on each other.
A love that represents our maker and through your eyes I’m able to feel and connect to someone in ways I’ve never done before.

Two imperfect people created to be perfect for one another
Fulfilling destiny and understanding why God brought us together
Every day won’t be perfect but together we shall make the best of our days.

It won’t always be a smooth road, but together we shall pull through
And as we push and support each other closer to our destinies, life will all make sense.

I promise to love you in ways you’ve never been loved before and I will always be your number one fan

I will wait for you,
Though I don’t know the day, nor the time that God will allows us to meet, but I will surely wait.
For I know in the end, you will be worth the wait.

In the mean time, I will continue to work on me. I will develop patience, courage and equally my faith will match up with yours. My prayer life shall increase and as I pray for you, I know you’re out there praying for me. By ourselves we are great, together we shall be greater.

I will wait and I won’t compromise.

Love your future wife

Christine H.I.L.L

Fear of the Unseen


Fear is the prisoner of the mind.

Very often we spend a lot of time, fearing the unseen. We worry and ponder on things that have not even happened  and we let these things rule our minds.

What if becomes the thought of the day/month/year

WHAT IF I FAIL?(What if you succeed)

WHAT IF IT DOESNT WORK?(What if it works)

WHAT IF I LOSE?( What if you win)

WHAT IF SHE/HE  DOESNT LOVE ME?(What if he/she does love you)

WHAT IF I’M NEVER HAPPY?(What if you choose to be happy )

Notice that on every ‘what if ‘ there is a question mark, and questions often require answers. The answers we need must first of all start off on the inside of us. Regardless of how many people advise you and counsel you, in the end you have the final answer.

What if you  used the same negative energy and instead you begin to ponder on the possible positive experiences that can happen.

Often we limit ourselves to happiness. We believe that a fair few deserve to be happy and unfortunately some people have accepted the lie of believing that they are not deserving of happiness, but the truth is happiness can be possible for all us. We have the determining factor of deciding if we want to be happy and when we want to be happy.

Fear is a state of mind and equally happiness is a state  of one’s mindset. You are very much deserving  of happiness. It is your birthright that God intended for you. Do not be discouraged by the current season, because in due course there is a new season approaching.  However,  you will not get the best out of the new season by focusing on the current climate.

You see, faith is the substance of the things hoped for, yet unseen. It is also important to understand that fear is the opposite of faith. It is the constant doubt and oppression that takes over your mind and gives you reasons as to why things cannot or will not happen for  you.

I’m not saying that there won’t be struggles and challenges along the way,  however,  one must have the ability  to believe in themselves, believe in change and understand that no condition is permanent. Things will happen that will discourage you, but your faith in the midst of the struggles and challenges will be the fuel, that shifts you into your next position.

I want to renew your mind by letting you know change is possible. Not only is it possible, it is necessary.  I want to encourage you to choose faith. Though you do not know  the  ‘WHEN’ things will change at some stage, change must occur. Stop obsessing on the ‘HOW’. DO your part and watch God do the rest.

Your going  to finish strong in Jesus name. Amen

Remember the race is not for the faint hearted.  Change is coming!!!

Love always

Chrisy H.I.L.L

Happy New Year



Dear 2016,

I have waited for you and I am grateful to be alive to have an encounter with you.

I don’t know what you have in store for me, but I am beyond hopeful and excited to watch my life unfold. I believe you are going to be a great year for me and my loved ones, because
1. God is on my side, and whatever he starts he surely completes.

2. I have faith and I am willing to give myself permission to be the best version of me that’s ever lived, both in love, faith and prosperity. Also, I love even numbers and I can’t help but feel something great and special is coming my way.

I ask for boldness to seize each moment that comes my way. Help me to overcome laziness and procrastination. I pray in this wonderful year of 2016,that my life will be a blessing onto many and I will speak life and hope will be restored. Help me to continue to serve humanity and give myself to serve the world in a way that helps the world become a better place.

Help me to be more patient and trust the process of time.Let my grace be guarded, because I know not everyone is supposed to be on this journey with me.

As challenges arise, which they will do, I ask for more faith, wisdom, knowledge and patience to endure whatever comes my way. By December 2016, I shall look back and reflect on everything I am going to achieve, and I declare from now , that every decision I make will produce fruit and it shall be worth it. (In Jesus name….Amen)

So for now Happy 2016

Love Christine H.I.L.L

A letter to self about the value of time…


Dear younger self,

You don’t know the plans The Lord has for you, but I just want to remind you that there is a plan.
You’re on a journey and at most times you won’t be aware of where the road is leading you to, but I want you to promise to keep moving. The only time you should stop moving is when you are looking back to see how far you have travelled.

I want you to enjoy the days of your youth, for one day you shall wake up and wonder where the time went and what exactly you did with the time. Do not be like some people who are now living in regret, wishing and pondering on their past, a past they can never get back.
Instead, I want you to cease each moment and be all that you were created to be. Notice I didn’t say “be some of who you were created to be”, I said be all, that means whatever you imagine and aspire to be. No limitations.

Do not despise little beginnings, for they are part of the moulding process. Just enjoy the journey, learning all the vital lessons along the way. Celebrate life and all the different events that occur, the good and the bad, but most importantly be happy in motion and love like never before.

Don’t allow life to pass you by, instead cease each moment and live your Best life now. The clock is ticking.

I love you and I’m with you

Your younger self
Christine H.I.L.L


Good day, beautiful people.

I know it’s been a while and my apologies for not being consistent.

The title for my blog today is, to refuse to be caged. Say no to any cage that may be presented before you.


I recently went to a tiger zoo, and truly it was one of the most memorable experiences of my holiday. I saw tigers of all different ages and sizes in cages, some asleep and some wide awake. What made this experience special was that I was allowed to enter the cage and stroke the tigers even take pictures including selfies. I was blown away, enjoying the experience and taking pictures for memories and I suddenly looked into the tiger’s eyes.

I somehow could see sadness in the tiger’s eyes. Then again if I saw happiness in the tiger’s eyes I would flee the cage instantly thinking I’m next on its menu.(probably wouldn’t make it out alive) but Nevertheless I felt sorry for these tigers.

I wondered within myself how these animals that are meant to be free in their wildlife found themselves in cages, being part of a tourist attraction. The tour guide informed me that the tigers have been trained and tamed by human beings making them used to the smell of people and accepting them as part of their life. However the tigers in the wildlife have never had any contact with human beings, therefore the smell of anything other than wildlife causes them to react in the way they do.

Though tigers can’t speak or maybe they speak a language that only they recognise and understand , I couldn’t help but feel that they shouldn’t be trapped in cages.

Every day these tigers have to deal with tourists coming into their cage, invading their space and taking pictures. It’s almost as if the tigers have to put on a show, in order to impress the guests.
Just like the tigers , every day we constantly prepare ourselves to put on a show because we know people are watching , but deep within ourselves, our eyes tell a different story.
The desire to be free from all limitation and to be set free.

It can sometimes feel like your trapped in a cage and have no knowledge of when your freedom will come or if you will ever be set free from anything that holds you captive.
The environment you live in can place you in a cage, constantly limiting you and your abilities. Your family and friends may also place you in a cage, a cage of no growth. Just like the tigers you accept the cages that have been placed on you, you get used to them.You tell yourself “this is all I know and I have to accept it”. But do you really have to accept it? Especially when you know better.

What if you knew of the strength that lay within you?
What if you knew, that you are stronger than the people keeping you caged?
What if you knew that there is no limitation to what you can do and amount to? The only limitations, we have are the ones we place upon ourselves.
Do you really know the power you possess?

The size of your cage matters
The tiger can never fully grow to its maximum size due to the surroundings, it’s kept in.Similarly, you will never be able to outgrow that place you in if you stay limited. You’ve got to see beyond the cage and think of ways to break free.

Limitations and obstacles will always be there, but what’s important is that you constantly remind yourself of the strength that resides within you. Refuse to be caged, mentally, physically and spiritually.

We are human beings, and what that simply means to me is , we are beings constantly evolving and transforming. Every day you are ‘being’. Your transforming and your growing and if you accept that concept you begin to understand that cages have no hold of a person transforming and as you continue to grow, you must allow and give yourself the permission to evolve and be the person you were created to be not the person people, or your environment expects you to be. Know the power you possess and use it to your advantage.

We were never created to be placed in cages, but somehow life has placed us in cages. The only person who can truly free you from your cage is you. Give yourself permission to be set free and live a life that allows you to enjoy your freedom. Freedom fighters have fought and are still fighting for our freedom, but how about we start fighting for our individual freedom.
We may not be able to fight for other peoples, but we can fight for ourselves.

It’s never too late to start over. If you weren’t happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don’t stay stuck. Do better.

Love always
Christine H.I.L.L

Life is full of different colours, and they all make a rainbow of your life

Life is full of different colours, and they all make a rainbow of your life.


I have had my fair share of bright sunny days, that are filled with love, laughter, joy and everything my heart desires and I have also had days that seemed dark and gloomy, where things appeared to be so bad, that somehow I never imagined things getting better for me.

During my dark days it was so hard to think about the bright days I had previously experienced, instead I chose to focus on all the negative aspects that were taking place.

Over the years I have learnt to accept that life is full of various colours, and with each colour that arises one must accept and endure that season. Some days you have dark colours where everything seems dark and gloomy and they are other days that seem brighter and more colourful

Just like a rainbow has various colours in order to be a rainbow, so does your life need the various experiences that you may experience.
A rainbow would not be a rainbow if some colours were missing. Each colour equally matters and forms the beautiful rainbow that we enjoy looking at.

It’s not a beautiful rainbow all the time, but if you can hold on to the colours, something great will arise. Every struggle and every pain make up your rainbow, these experiences are necessary in order for you to be the person you were created to be. You need every single part of your journey, to give you the life you love.

To everyone going through a difficult, challenging time be encouraged, knowing that after the rain has a poured a beautiful rainbow rises and the sun follows. By faith things can only get better.

signed with Love and blessings
Christine H.I.L.L

Please support the people of Nepal by donating. Every penny makes a difference.

My prayers and thoughts go out to everyone in Nepal.


I was so saddened by the devastating news , that is taking place in Nepal.
On Saturday 25th April a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated the country of Nepal. It struck between the country’s two largest cities: Pokhara and Kathmandu. It’s the nation’s worst earthquake in 80 years and has already claimed the lives of more than 4,000 people. Thousands more are injured and displaced.

There is equal concern for rural areas, as much of the country has had heavy rainfall over the last few days, it greatly increases the risk of land slides. An avalanche has already occurred at Everest, taking many lives and injuring many more.

The earthquake has wreaked incomprehensible damage, yet it’s impact has yet to unravel. Nepal is mountain nation, and with the recent earthquake it is very likely to trigger devastating landslides, particularly when the monsoon season hits in June. The implications from the lack of food, water, sanitation, shelter, education and a myriad of other basic requirements and infrastructures could be equally damaging, if not more so.
No one could stop the earthquake, but the humanitarian response to disaster and how we react to suffering, as people, is our responsibility and entirely within our grasp.

I had the opportunity of living in Nepal for three months on a volunteer placement, not only did I gain new friends, I gained a whole family and I’m deeply attached to Nepal and the people of Nepal. Their pain is my pain.

It’s great that we are all praying for Nepal but what the people of Nepal really need right now is our donation.

Nepal needs our help. Nepal needs your help. Though it isn’t our home that’s in shambles, we can respond like it is.


Please donate to humanitarian assistance on the ground in Nepal.

Love and blessings to you all.
Christine H.I.L.L

The pain you feel today, will be the strength you feel tomorrow

Dear broken person

I know you’re hurting. I know you’re wondering why it had to be you, after everything you’ve done and this is how life has decided to reward you.

You have so many questions your asking yourself , like why me? , what did I do to deserve this pain?, how did I allow myself to get here?

Though you search for the answers you can’t seem to find them. I’m here to encourage you that everything, not some things, I mean everything is going to work out. Out of your pain, you will sing a new song. With every tear that you cry, it will make you stronger and wiser than you’ve ever been.

One day you will even be able to thank your pain, for all the pain it has caused. You will understand , that had it not been for the things you went through, you wouldn’t be where you are at the moment.

I know it hurts now but it won’t be forever. Just hold on, the sun will shine again. Turn negative experiences into positive outcomes. What was meant for your harm, will work out for your good.

I’m praying for you and I know your wounds will be healed.

Signed with love

A woman who thought she had been broken, but has now been mended and is now stronger than before. No mistakes, just lessons!!
Christine H.I.L.L