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You remind me of my ex, who told me that he loves me.

I consider myself a woman of action, who loves deeply.
A loyal breed, certainly different from the rest.
When I meet people, my only intentions are to be myself and if that leads to love then I automatically love naturally.
I love genuinely, accepting the flaws of individuals and understanding that we are all different.
Some say my downfall is that I trust too much and too quickly, but I guess it’s just my nature
I tend to believe that people are like me, with good intentions and open to love.
I give my all, because that is who I am, and when I say I love you, my actions match up to my words

So I trust and I love, without knowing where the journey will end, and at times I get disappointed along the road.
Nevertheless, I accept it as a lesson.

So many people have a habit of proclaiming love, family, friends, associates the list is endless.
But not many show the actions of love
See, love is meaningless without actions
Everyone can talk the talk, but not many can show the talk.
So why tell me you love me if you can’t show me,
Why tell me I’m the best friend you’ve ever had, if you can’t show up in my time of need.
Why promise to always be there for me, when even the smallest matters of my life, you’re nowhere to be found
I don’t expect gifts as a demonstration of love, what I do expect is your presence in times where it matters the most.

The word love is meaningless without action.
Be mindful of those who tell you they love you, but somehow can’t seem to show you.

Love always,

Christine H.I.L.L