Dead End With An End

Ever felt like your life is going no where?

You have tried all you seem to know but still no change. You feel like giving up.

Well I’ve got news for you, that tunnel you are facing has an end. It has to come to an end, you’ve just got to keep pressing on.

I was driving on my way home, on my usual route. I came across lights and signs that told me my usual route had been blocked. So i took the closest road to me without knowing where it would lead. As i kept driving i wondered where i was going. I pulled up on the side road and attempted to ask on-going traffic from the opposite direction where the road would lead me to, and guess what? They all ignored me or drove past me.

I quickly realised that if i want to get from where i am to my desired location i have to move even though i may not know where i’m heading.

So i started driving and just kept going until i reached a familiar place. The end result was i made it. Not only did i make it, i have now discovered a new route to get me home.

Life can also seem like my road journey. You may feel lost or stuck in a place that may seem like a dead end. You look for people to help you but no one is there to assist you.

I want to encourage you to keep going. Push forward until you get to your desired destination. You may not know where the road will lead but the key is to keep moving. Just like me you will reach to a familiar place you recognise, which will lead you to that place you are trying to get to.

Those who stop or give up, they never get to see whats on the other side, and some times whats on the other side can sometimes be greater than your current position.There is a possibility that you could get on the other side of the road and not like what you see, but just like me you will learn a new thing, develop new ways of getting to places, but all in all you will learn something.

I don’t know how impossible your dreams may appear before you, but it is my desire for you to press on despite the obstacle you may face. If you don’t make a step, you could spend the rest of your life wondering “what if”

Well “what if “…… you could make it
What if your dreams could come to pass.
You will never know unless you make a start.

You may want people to help you on your journey or maybe you have asked people to help you but to no avail.
Again do your part, the right people will meet you on your journey and together you will work together.

Don’t be discouraged, your close to your break through.

Love always



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