The Sun will shine again.

This morning I woke up and looked outside the window. I saw the rain and the dark clouds and I just wanted to go back to bed. I got dressed and stepped out to face the day. The rain continued, and the dark clouds remained. I made sure my jacket was with me for when I needed it.

As people kept saying the day will get brighter and the sun will shine in the afternoon, I didn’t really believe them. I couldn’t see where the sun will come from. I imagined the day to be filled with rain and more rain because that is what I could see at that particular moment.
Few hours later, I stepped out again for my lunch, and to my surprise the weather had changed. The sun was out shining and the heat was just beaming. It was nothing like the cold, rainy weather I had experienced a few hours earlier on. Things had changed. People were no longer carrying their jackets or scarves, but rather they had their sunglasses, sandals and just their shirts.
I thought how quickly things can change.

You may look at your own life, and see all the horrible, unbearable things that are happening to you and you almost can’t see things ever changing, or maybe you’ve been waiting for change but nothing has happened and you just feel like giving up. Well…… I’ve got news for you. Things can change and things will change. The fact that you cannot see the change does not mean that the change will never occur. Your current circumstances do not have to determine your future, neither does your past.

I know it can be very difficult to be hopeful and positive, when everything surrounding you is telling you different, but in due course, with patience and preparation your sun will shine again.

Sometimes we’ve got to put aside what it is that we do see (our circumstances) and put our focus and energy on the things hoped for yet unseen. If you have enough patience and prepare yourself for that thing you want, when it finally comes you will be able to enjoy it.

It is important to have patience, whilst waiting for things to change. Lack of patience will cause you to get off track and lose focus. Equally it is very important to prepare yourself. Those who expected it to rain prepared themselves by having their umbrellas, jackets etc. Equally those who hoped for sunshine made their own preparation.

Whatever it is you’re hoping for or desire to have, make the necessary preparation for it, so that when it finally does happen you know the necessary things in order to preserve it.

A woman, who is expecting a child, will tell you how important preparation is. From the very moment she discovers she’s pregnant, she knows change has to happen and she’s got to prepare herself for the changes that are about to take place. Such changes can include changes in her dietary, changes in her sleeping hours, also physical changes. These are all changes she may have to adjust to.

Changes will happen but the question is are we ready for the changes and what preparation are we making for the changes?
Stay positive and encouraged, knowing that your sunshine is about to shine again.

Love always

Chrisy Diamond


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