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Good day, beautiful people.

I know it’s been a while and my apologies for not being consistent.

The title for my blog today is, to refuse to be caged. Say no to any cage that may be presented before you.


I recently went to a tiger zoo, and truly it was one of the most memorable experiences of my holiday. I saw tigers of all different ages and sizes in cages, some asleep and some wide awake. What made this experience special was that I was allowed to enter the cage and stroke the tigers even take pictures including selfies. I was blown away, enjoying the experience and taking pictures for memories and I suddenly looked into the tiger’s eyes.

I somehow could see sadness in the tiger’s eyes. Then again if I saw happiness in the tiger’s eyes I would flee the cage instantly thinking I’m next on its menu.(probably wouldn’t make it out alive) but Nevertheless I felt sorry for these tigers.

I wondered within myself how these animals that are meant to be free in their wildlife found themselves in cages, being part of a tourist attraction. The tour guide informed me that the tigers have been trained and tamed by human beings making them used to the smell of people and accepting them as part of their life. However the tigers in the wildlife have never had any contact with human beings, therefore the smell of anything other than wildlife causes them to react in the way they do.

Though tigers can’t speak or maybe they speak a language that only they recognise and understand , I couldn’t help but feel that they shouldn’t be trapped in cages.

Every day these tigers have to deal with tourists coming into their cage, invading their space and taking pictures. It’s almost as if the tigers have to put on a show, in order to impress the guests.
Just like the tigers , every day we constantly prepare ourselves to put on a show because we know people are watching , but deep within ourselves, our eyes tell a different story.
The desire to be free from all limitation and to be set free.

It can sometimes feel like your trapped in a cage and have no knowledge of when your freedom will come or if you will ever be set free from anything that holds you captive.
The environment you live in can place you in a cage, constantly limiting you and your abilities. Your family and friends may also place you in a cage, a cage of no growth. Just like the tigers you accept the cages that have been placed on you, you get used to them.You tell yourself “this is all I know and I have to accept it”. But do you really have to accept it? Especially when you know better.

What if you knew of the strength that lay within you?
What if you knew, that you are stronger than the people keeping you caged?
What if you knew that there is no limitation to what you can do and amount to? The only limitations, we have are the ones we place upon ourselves.
Do you really know the power you possess?

The size of your cage matters
The tiger can never fully grow to its maximum size due to the surroundings, it’s kept in.Similarly, you will never be able to outgrow that place you in if you stay limited. You’ve got to see beyond the cage and think of ways to break free.

Limitations and obstacles will always be there, but what’s important is that you constantly remind yourself of the strength that resides within you. Refuse to be caged, mentally, physically and spiritually.

We are human beings, and what that simply means to me is , we are beings constantly evolving and transforming. Every day you are ‘being’. Your transforming and your growing and if you accept that concept you begin to understand that cages have no hold of a person transforming and as you continue to grow, you must allow and give yourself the permission to evolve and be the person you were created to be not the person people, or your environment expects you to be. Know the power you possess and use it to your advantage.

We were never created to be placed in cages, but somehow life has placed us in cages. The only person who can truly free you from your cage is you. Give yourself permission to be set free and live a life that allows you to enjoy your freedom. Freedom fighters have fought and are still fighting for our freedom, but how about we start fighting for our individual freedom.
We may not be able to fight for other peoples, but we can fight for ourselves.

It’s never too late to start over. If you weren’t happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don’t stay stuck. Do better.

Love always
Christine H.I.L.L