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Today she stood face to face with her  dreams and wondered why it cannot be her.

She questioned herself and asked why,

why can’t  she achieve her dreams? Why  can’t  she be successful and have the  life she has always  longed for? Why  can’t she be  the woman she dreams and aspires to be? The why’s just kept getting  longer.

As she sat in silence, expecting the answers to flow from her core, to her expectation there was no response. She waited for reasons and excuses to flow one after the other, but still no response. Could it be because of  the  fear she wondered. Or is it the colour of my skin. Could it be my size and height.Could it be because I was not born in a wealthy home, she thought. Or is it my lack of connection. Maybe it’s my background and upbringing  or maybe its just me.

No amounts of ‘Could it be’ could answer her questions, instead she had to look within. She sat in silence for what felt like forever and finally a voice from the wind whispered , “You are more than enough” She thought she was imagining things, but this  time the voice came from her core, the same core she had anticipated   the answers to flow from.

“You are more than enough……” She looked around  to see where the voice was coming from and no one was there. “You are more than  enough and you have always been enough” . It was that very moment that she realised that her inner soul was speaking directly to her. Not only was it speaking today but it has always been speaking to her, but she had failed to respond to the voice.

She had always been enough and this same voice had always been there, but she had refused to pay attention to it. Instead, it was easy to believe the negativity and thoughts of fear that consumed her mind.She already had the answers to the questions she was asking, but all along she had ignored the truth that was always with her.

She was more than enough to be the woman , she was created to be.

Strong and beautiful enough to love and be loved. Fearfully and wonderfully made and if she only choose to believe in herself there is no limits to what she can do and be.

The truth is,the only person who could limit her is herself.And as long as every ounce within her believes  she is enough, nothing or no one will stop her from accomplishing her dreams.

She is enough. Always  has been, always will be. If she  can  recognise who she is and not allow  her circumstances to define her, she will accomplish every dream.

For she is more than  enough.

Love and blessings

Christine Hill


Thank you Nepal


Good day beautiful people.

As always hope your all well and in good spirits.

So my time in Nepal has come to an end, and as I reflect on everything that has happened on this journey, my heart is truly over joyed and filled with gratitude. So much has taken place in the past few months and it definitely has helped to build my character. I am beyond thankful for this amazing opportunity and I am excited as I watch my life unfold.

It’s truly been an amazing opportunity, one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I have been blessed with the most amazing family, community and friends and it’s a sad time for me saying good-bye to them. I know I might never see them again in my life, but I’m so thankful that I got to meet them. Each person I have had an encounter with has taught me something new that I will carry through life.

I have learnt some Nepalese, but most importantly I have learnt the language of love. The language of love is a language that all human beings are capable of expressing if we are only willing. People don’t need to speak the same language as you in order for you to love them. Love doesn’t always have to be spoken words but we are all capable of expressing love through our actions.People may not have been able to speak in English and equally I may not be fluent in nepalese but our actions speak more than words and through our actions we are able to express what we are trying to say; and I can confidently say I have been loved and I have equally returned the love.

Bandre ( my village) has truly brought out the best in and out of me and I know that it is God that bought me there. I have done everything I wanted to do in my community and I can confidently say I have no regrets. I have touched lives and equally people have touched my life and I feel my life will never be the same again(in a great way).

I now have a different outlook on life and feel so blessed to have been part of this great journey. I’m excited to see where God takes me next, but one thing is certain my work in developing myself and people globally has just began.

Thank you VSO ICS!

Love always

Christine H.I.L.L